by B'URST!

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7" vinyl by Criminal Rights Records released January, 2015


released November 25, 2014

B'URST! is:
Menezes II Society - vocals
B'RENO! - guitar
Junorz Norz Norz - guitar
Crazy Jay Skinny - bass
Gordo D'Estoi - drums

Songs 1 - 4 recorded @ Studio Quadrophenia, SP, October 2013
Songs 5 - 7 recorded @ Studio Quadrophenia, SP, May 2014

Produced and mixed by Pedro Carvalho, August 2014
Mastered by Dan Randall @ Mammoth Sound Studios, US, September 2014



all rights reserved


B'URST! Brazil

The Iron Squad

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Track Name: Pressure Rising
Pressure rising
On the constrict walls of this rat race
Content on surviving
Trading time for an unwanted first place

This routine is a killer
Days passing by as fillers
I need air to breath

Suspended animation
I consume to fill this void

Lack of motivation
(I’ll end) cold, numb and paranoid
Track Name: No Salvation
How could you bow to this god of quarrel
Who force fed you prejudice disguised as morals?
And as he throws up sin and guilt
you just say amen and follow suit

Praying hands shackled by a fraud
Break free of them – There’s no god!

Is so easy to believe in a lie
When you desperately seek for redemption
Is so easy to believe in a lie
…but none of us will (ever) see paradise
Track Name: The Iron Squad Stomp
We're all tired of your phony ass shit
Should have followed 1st advice now is strike three
All these fucking rumor spreadin' you did
Talk smack, get hit

Vendeta 129 will fuck you up
Disciplina Crew fucking you up
Barmy Army gonna fuck you up
Iron Squad – No mercy for suckas!
Track Name: Hunt You Down
You feed off their fear and like a coward you hide
Behind the silence of the ones you victimize
But we can see your true self, your malicious intent
Time to react! Revenge!

We won't stand your violence
We'll rise and you won’t be safe
We won't stand your violence
The predator becomes the prey
Track Name: (A Well Fed) Appetite for Failure
Like a crown of thorns over my head
Regrets haunt me through nights on end
Never at ease, I can't find peace

Blinded by hate, alone I stand
Without ever reaching out for a helping hand

Nourishing the DisXease inside of me
The guilt holding me down in shackles
Never at ease, I can't find peace

Blood boils I see red again
I asked for it and I actually got some
I should accept alone the fucking blame
What's done is done
Track Name: Temporary Victory
I grew sick and tired of all your schemes
One should learn when it's time to accept defeat
Ever find your trophy? Are you enjoying the fame?
Chopping heads, how you make your name

It's your victory, your moment, I'm done, I quit
Not even one more punch from these bleeding fists
I'm not strong enough to keep screaming at a wall
Congratulations, you've earned the crown

I might seem down, but I not finished yet
This shit storm is far from over, you can bet
So mark my words 'cause I'm sticking to it
Don't forget that payback's a bitch!